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Michelle Mattia - Radio/Media PersonalityMichele Mattia

Michele Mattia is a radio/media personality, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, certified life design coach and thought leader who truly walks the talk! She celebrates the divine gifts, talents and skills in everyone and is passionate about empowering people to play big while consciously creating the life they deserve.

Rarely at a loss for words, Michele would be the first one to tell you she was born with something to say! Imagine her surprise when she slowed down long enough at a silent retreat just before her 40th birthday, to ask, "What would I do now if I knew I could not fail?" Little did she know that would be the beginning of a new adventure that saw her sell a successful Manhattan technology-consulting firm of 12 years and move into a life that honors her true purpose.

Michele emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong focus on Life's Dash, that precious time between arrival and departure from this world that so many take for granted. Her commitment to inspire, co-create and support her clients and audiences to tap into the core of their beings is powerful. One of her greatest joys is to watch as people discover the divine ideas, possibilities and dreams that they are courageous enough to demand.

Now a sought after and dynamic speaker, Michele believes we must embrace the knowing that we deserve to live a life we love. She understands that we don't serve the rest of the world or ourselves by playing small. We need to be willing to say, "Yes! I choose me!"

Jim Melis - Former CFO Jim Melis, Comedy Imitates LifeJimHeadshot

What a difference a year can make in someone's life! Just ask comedian Jim Melis.

Though he's been a stand-up comedian for most of the last 12 years, Melis also held down a full-time job as CFO of a local institution of higher learning until last year when he created a life where he could be with his newborn son and work with both his passions: numbers and comedy. In doing so, he started The Melis Group and works as a financial consultant.

"I'd go straight from the office to the comedy clubs, still in my business suit," Melis recalls. "I am great with numbers. Finance and business has always come easy to me but it's not what I love."

"Carrying the one," Melis quipped about math, "doesn't make people laugh. Ever since I was a boy I loved to make people laugh. I find the instant feedback you get from the audience to be very exciting. It's like no other job out there. You tell them your story and the audience tells you instantly if you are funny or if that joke needs a little work or if you need to go home and hide under the bed because you were so bad. You don't have to wait days to read a review or in the case of financial matters, months for an underwriter to tell you whether or not you were successful."

Melis is also a new dad. Last year his wife, Michele, gave birth to their son, Grayson. He tells his fans, "If you didn't figure it out from that little baby I'm always carrying around, then you may have come to this conclusion from the puke on my shirt, or the poop in my hair."

His comedic style is really not a stretch from the real Jim Melis. "I take the stage and just be myself," he said. His delivery is very mellow and relaxed. Most people find it refreshing to hear someone who can be very funny with clean jokes. Those buying tickets to a Jim Melis show will hear his commentary on dating, marriage, divorce, pregnancy, fatherhood, sleep deprivation, food, his parents (he calls his father the "Greek Archie Bunker") and a host of other subjects. He said, "I talk about everything in my life, good or bad, as well as cheese, my wife and other things I like to touch."

Melis got his start in 1999 and still works the New York area comedy club circuit where high-caliber comedians go from one club to another. He has performed at top-quality comedy clubs such as the Broadway Comedy Club, the New York Comedy Club, the Eastville Comedy Club, the Gotham Comedy Club as well as the Comic Strip, where Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Adam Sandler were discovered and the Duplex where Joan Rivers and Woody Allen were discovered.

Inspired by Grayson, Jim and Michele recently started the Making a Difference One Laugh at a Time Foundation. This 501 (c)(3) charitable organization brings awareness and funding to charities and projects that provide relief to the poor, distressed, ill or underprivileged. This is done through laughter, by producing comedy shows with amazing top professional comedians such as Wanda Sykes who will appear this year.


Jennifer_S._Wilkov_PromotionalJennifer S. Wilkov – #1 International Best-Selling Author, Radio Show Host & Media Personality, Premiere Book Consultant

Jennifer's passion for communication has led to her being a # 1 radio show host, best-selling award-winning author, speaker, an award-winning freelance writer, a successful book business consultant and entrepreneur. She survived being incarcerated in one of New York's most violent prisons, Rikers Island, after inappropriately being told to plead guilty to a crime she didn't commit by an attorney who mishandled her case. Jennifer continued to succeed as an author, media personality, entrepreneur and speaker after enduring this devastating, unimaginable experience. She knows what it takes to live the life you love in the face of any challenge. She loves to inspire audiences everywhere with the insights, knowledge and wisdom she has gained so participants take action. Jennifer fans the flames of the Human Spirit in each audience member and empowers them to tell their story, express it transparently, leap powerfully into their lives and at last lives the life they've imagined.

A popular media personality and spokesperson, Jennifer is the host of the weekly "Your Book Is Your Hook!" Show on WomensRadio which is syndicated on Google News with loyal listeners on four continents. She is the best-selling award-winning author of Dating Your Money and the co-author of Boys Before Business: The Single Girl's Guide to Having It All. Jennifer speaks to women through her inspiring personal message, "You have the right to remain fabulous! – regardless of any situation, circumstance or condition." She is passionate about elevating the self-esteem of women everywhere and encouraging their self-worth. She enjoys lending her voice and support to opportunities that empower women.


Turn Back the Hands of Time with South Florida's #1 Medical Spa!

Have you ever wished you could turn back the hands of time, lose those lines & wrinkles and enjoy the healthy, flawless skin you had during your younger years? Ever wanted to rid yourself from hair under your arms, on your legs, or around your bikini area; or men, the hair on your backs? Well now you CAN! At Forever Young MedSpa they will provide non-invasive skin care procedures and rejuvenation products to restore youthful skin appearance and enhance yourself image. Their staff of highly trained and certified professionals will ensure that you receive expert advice and the safest non-surgical cosmetic treatments available today. The goal at Forever Young MedSpa is to provide a soothing environment where you will feel genuinely cared for by their staff and completely satisfied with your results.


Mr. Brian K. Sidella – Owner and PresidentAfter 25 years in Corporate America, Brian K. Sidella, decided it was time he followed the dream of owning his own business. After more than 16 months of evaluating the MedSpa Industry, he and wife Diana Santa Maria, a successful Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice attorney (, decided to open Forever Young MedSpa in their hometown of Cooper City, Florida. Intent on putting Cooper City on the map for having the best MedSpa in South Florida, they established the following four goals and embarked on plans to turn this dream into reality.

1) Forever Young MedSpa would be set up to offer only the latest, most effective, FDA approved non surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures and treatments.

2) Forever Young MedSpa would employ only a well-respected, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon as Medical Director. Doing so would allow them to offer clients who wished to take their cosmetic enhancement procedures to the next level, a complimentary surgical consultation by a competent physician already familiar with their personal goals.

3) Forever Young MedSpa would recruit only certified medical practitioners and Aestheticians who shared their commitment to delivering world class medical treatments in a Spa environment.

4) Most of all, Forever Young MedSpa would gain the loyalty of their clients by consistently delivering the Forever Young “Difference”. In short, making each customer’s visit the most pleasant and satisfying they have ever experienced when getting cosmetic procedures performed.

Toward that end, Brian spent 16 months evaluating various Franchisors and Industry Consultants as well as meeting with nearly 100 Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologist, and MedSpa owners. He has attended dozens of Medical Aesthetic Seminars and countless vendor demonstrations all over the country to select the safest, most technologically advanced and effective equipment available on the market today.

Forever Young MedSpa - 8723 Stirling Road, Cooper City, FL33328 - (954) 450-2626 -

Johnny Harris Restaurant - Savannah, GA


Johnny Harris Restaurant has risen from its humble beginnings to enjoy the loyal following and reputation of today, as one of the largest and most popular full service restaurants in the city.

Mark Fernicola and "A Swingin' Evening of Entertainment" -

fernicolaMark Fernicola and "A Swingin' Evening of Entertainment" Is a show that combines the talent of myself and many other people. Structured like a live television broadcast, but performed in a supper club setting with dining and dancing. It's a show of variety, with an 18 piece Orchestra that sets the performers against a large band background.

The show includes Myself and Female Vocalist Terri Gonzalez, Hot Show Dancers, Standup Comedy from local and national talent, and a variety of Special Guest artist's along with a variety of music. All on stage before a live audience. People attending the show can dance when the band is playing.

Len Rosen - Award Winning Filmmaker, Actor, Director

Len Rosen an Award-Winning Filmmaker, Actor, Director, Writer and Producer. Len was born on July 6, 1972 in Toronto, Ontario Canada, but now resides in Los Angles, CA. He is the winner of multiple film awards from festivals, including the Best Screenplay award from The Monaco Charity International Film Festival for his film, Fallen Leaves, Golden Sky.”   

Many of Rosen’s films are often linked to humanitarian themes as well as charitable organizations and/or causes.  The Monaco Charity International Film Festival (in which Rosen has participated 3 times) is an annual festival geared toward benefiting and saving poor children around the world. Rosen recently directed a music video produced by NCIS Star Pauley Perrette that aided a crisis hotline for LGBT youth. 

Other films that Rosen has made (and acted in) are comedic in nature.  Rosen’s belief that, “A smile comforts a frown” is very apparent in these films. Rosen has always been an avid fan of physical comedy and humor found in everyday situations.  His facial expressions and body language have been inspired greatly by his comedy heroes that include (but are not limited to) The Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges, Benny Hill, Jerry Lewis, Jim Carrey, Rowan Atkinson and John Ritter.  Rosen is also a very experienced voice actor and program announcer; who was often called to record his voice for corporate voice message services and commercial voice-overs. 

Rosen is also a worldwide traveler, who has spent time living all over Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  He is quite fluent in 4 languages that (besides English – his mother tongue), includes: Chinese, Hindi and French.  He loves to incorporate travel into his work, especially that of a global nature. 

Besides film work, Rosen enjoys travel and world cuisine.  For 3 years, Rosen was a successful food critic and video segment director for “Best Food in China” – an online Chinese magazine publication that features 5-star restaurant and hotel reviews for eating establishments all over China. 

Currently, Len is directing and starring in his new hit TV Comedy Reality Show called, “It’s LEN!”  Filming is in progress in LA   (View Sizzle Reel at:

Paula Fellingham - CEO of The WIN, Speaker, Author

Dr. Paula Fellingham is the Founder/CEO of The Women’s Information Network (The WIN) an online educational and social network for women and an on land global community of women in 152 countries. See The WIN hosted the largest gathering of women in the history of the world on March 8, 2011: 377 live events in 152 countries. The WIN is now presenting 1,000 Global Women’s Summits worldwide.

Internationally-acclaimed speaker, Dr. Paula Fellingham has given presentations at the United Nations, for the World Movement of Mothers in Paris, at the International Conference of the Worldwide Organization for Women, and numerous other conferences across the world. Paula participated in the World Congress on Families in Geneva, and at the World Movement of Mothers International Conference at NATO Headquarters.

Ben Troupe – NFL Pro Star, Motivational Speaker & Media Personality

Ben Troupe, was born in Swainsboro, Georgia in 1982. He attended Butler High School in Augusta, Georgia, where he was All-American and was recognized as one of the top four tight end prospects in the Southeast. Following his senior year Troupe accepted an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida,where he continued playing football.

As a senior Gator and team captain in 2003, Troupe was a first-team All-Southeastern Conference (SEC) selection and received first-team All-American honors from ESPN, and Sports Illustrated. He was also one of the three finalists for the John Mackey Award, recognizing the nation’s best college tight end in 2003. He finished his college career with sixty-four receptions for 958 yards (14.9 yards per catch) and seven touchdowns. 

In the 2004 NFL Draft pick, the Tennessee Titans selected Troupe in the second round. He played tight end for the Titans from 2004 to 2007,[6] and was nicknamed “Troupe Scadoop” by his Titans teammates. During his four seasons with the Titans, he made 106 receptions for 1,056 yards and seven touchdowns.  Troupe a professional football player who was a tight end in the National Football League (NFL) for five seasons during the early 2000s, played professionally for the Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Ben Troupe Is Raising The Standards 

Young kids often look up to athletes, both professional and collegiate, as heroes who they wish to be like in the future. Athletes influence kids, especially those considered to be disadvantaged minorities, and those who demonstrate higher than average talents. Is the basis for their responsibility and accountability to act morally? When athletes engage in unethical and immoral activities, such as steroids or drugs, they demonstrate to those that look up to them that it is okay, or cool, many will indulge in the same or similar unethical behaviors exhibited by their hero athletes.

However, the worshiping of athletes can come with great responsibility. The heavy influence of an Athlete can lead to young children and young athletes to focus solely on athletic goals, rather than academic goals. Many young adults who idolize pro athletes as there role models and hero often have unrealistic goals of becoming professional athletes themselves when they do not always have the talent or work ethic required.  When these specific athletes make unethical choices, many young athletes and children will indulge in the same or similar unethical behaviors exhibited by their hero athletes. 

Jerry McMullin - America's Top Investor, Entrepreneur and Producer

Jerry McMullin  one of America’s Top Investor. Entrepreneur and Producer.  Jerry McMullin is the Founder of 4Cast Broadcasting Network based in Durango, CO, which he started in 2013 and has made a career out of radio and telecommunications. Jerry is also an renown risk assessment CEO who works with Fortune 100 Companies that has designed a perfect luxurious 5 Star safe house for those who may want to provide maximum protection for their loved ones.

Jerry’s house has been seen on international television on every continent and the highest rated by the National Geographic Doomsday Prepper program.  The Luxury Survival Bunker includes. Theatre Room, Bathroom bidets,  Large Kitchen all custom built, Solid Concrete and Steel Structure 4277 Square feet. Solid Slab 5 foot thick monolithic design (floats like a boat in water if earth shifts). Ceilings are all poured Concrete and steel Building is Nuclear Rated and is also Biologically rated for air and water with High Power Ultraviolet Cannons in air chambers, air vents and water supply with a 7 stage water filtration system. An underground concrete vaulted water well is buried deep in the ground for independent water delivery to this facility only and powered independently of any commercial source. 

Law Office of Diana Santa Maria, P.A.

dsmlogoThe consequences of an accident, a medical mistake or a violent crime often cause serious injuries and great emotional loss. Such physical and emotional losses demand quality legal representation in order to obtain justice and full compensation. The personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Diana Santa Maria, P.A. will handle your personal injury or medical malpractice claim with compassion, integrity, and skill.

Law Office of Diana Santa Maria, P.A. - 5220 South University Drive, Suite 205 C, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33328 - Telephone: 954 434-1077 -