faqsWe have an event coming up. When should we contact you?

It is recommended that you contact us at least three months prior to your event for maximum exposure. That means you’ll need to talk to us six or seven months prior to your event so we can give you our fees and recommended publicity timeline. We need to prepare and produce the materials long in advance.

How often should a press release be sent out?

It is always best to submit a press release as often as you have any news. Our media professionals will take your press releases more seriously if we are careful about sending them only when you have news. We highly recommend "Journalist Stories" on you and your company on a fixed schedule to keep you in the public eye.

How is PR different than advertising?

PR and advertising reach audiences in different ways. As consumers, we know that a paid advertisement is a company talking about itself. A good ad can be very successful. PR is other people – highly influential people – talking about your company. Whether it’s a review of a new product or service, a company profile, an event, a sponsorship or a trade story, the third person credibility produced by public relations carries much more weight than an ad.

Advertising enjoys one significant advantage: every element of the message is controlled by the company that creates and pays for it. PR trades that control for credibility. Your ads and PR efforts should reinforce the same strategies, so potential consumers are getting the same message from several sources. PR can achieve editorial exposure in more publications than would be affordable for advertising. A well-organized strategic public relations campaign should be one of the most cost-effective expenditures within a marketing program.

What other services does Brushwood Media Group offer besides PR?

Primarily our focus is on Public Relations, which is our strength. We also assist with marketing, particularly in writing copy so that your marketing communications speaks easily to the audience you are writing for. If you need graphic designers, printers, web designers, advertising firms, mail houses and other services to complete your projects, we are happy to refer you to qualified companies that can complete your projects.

Can you get us on national talk shows?

With our national exposure and contacts, we do our best to get you that national exposure, if your product or service warrants it. However a placement like that should never be the focus of a PR campaign, though. While we’re looking for your national talk show hit, we’ll be taking care of business in the trade media that influences your dealers, the vertical media that your core customers are engaged in, and a whole lot more mainstream targets than just one national talk show.

Doesn’t a company’s editorial coverage depend on how much they advertise?

In reputable media, there should be no correlation between the amount of advertising you do and the amount of editorial coverage you receive. Good reporting is about finding a great story to write about as the news happens.  If an advertising sales rep ever makes a promise about editorial coverage, cross them off your list. That is not where you want to be.

So you write the story and the media prints it?

No, never. Good PR provides intelligent material to the media, in time for them to work with it before deadline. The media writes the stories.

How does BMG firm reach national media?

The same way as a firm in any city: phone, office visits, email, trade shows, events and overnight courier service. We pride ourselves on our presentation, our timing and materials, and the ability to go from an in-depth product discussion with a vertical media editor to a more general “trends” discussion with a mainstream writer. The key is knowing their viewer/reader and being able to tailor the appeal of the client’s product accordingly.

How does Brushwood Media Group invoice?

We charge our clients a monthly retainer fee, due at the beginning of each month, and pass on expenses without a commission. Monthly fees make budget forecasting much easier than an hourly fee. You’ll know what we’re doing to earn the fee, because we report to you on a regular basis. Generally we add in our agreement that up to 10% of the monthly retainer fee is approximated for expenses. Prior to any significant expenses, like major printing jobs, mailings, etc., we will get your approval beforehand.

How much do your services cost?

It will depend on the level of PR activity your company requires. If you wish to introduce a lot of new products in a typical year, or you’re introducing a brand new product or service, we’ll work with you to figure out the scope of activity that makes the most sense. We’re willing to work within a budget that you are comfortable with.

What you pay for in public relations is time and talent. Time is actual hours spent on your account; talent is the quality of the time spent. Public relations fees are usually set as a monthly retainer, with a minimum number of months—usually 12 months depending on the scope of the PR project.

Fees normally range from $3,000 - $10,000 per month, $20,000 per month for large corporations, but again it depends on the PR needs of the company.  We can usually be creative with all clients as needed.

Wouldn’t it be better to hire a well-known agency in the city?

Not all the time. Many times a large PR firm in the city can only afford to have very junior staff work on the account. A smaller independent firm will usually offer more senior staff.

How should I measure PR results?

Goals are set at the beginning of your public relations campaign. As your publicity campaign progresses, goals are reassessed and often changed, and frequently expanded. In our experience, to really evaluate the impact of PR, you need two years of cooperative effort. And remember, PR is something you should incorporate into your business in an on-going way.

What is the normal term of a PR contract?

The standard term of a public relations contract is 12 months.

Who will work on my account at Brushwood Media Group?

We work very hard to match our professional staff with your needs in your industry. Often, we may have additional senior-level team members work on your account and we will notify you if that happens.

Can we try a test PR campaign for three months or so?

No. There are very few trial periods in PR, much less 3 months. It just is not enough time to learn all we need about your business, to develop and implement a viable strategy or to see results. Part of the problem is media lead times. Monthly magazines often have lead times of 5 to 7 months.

Radio, television, newspapers and trade media do have shorter lead times, but with all the low-cost content out in the market these days, the PR profession has just gotten harder and it can take longer to see results.

How will we evaluate the success of our PR program?

Before we even begin representing you, we will discuss and agree upon the initial strategy and target media. Between our regular reporting and clip file of your company’s media hits, we can keep a very accurate gauge of our progress.

What do we need to provide Brushwood Media Group with for effective PR?

To get started, we will request in-depth company information. After that point, we’ll be responsible for staying up to date with our timeline and keeping in touch with your staff, regarding new products and programs. We place a great deal of emphasis on representing our clients without requiring too much of their time.