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Nancy Ferrari

Radio/Media Personality, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Life Coach, Mentor and Certified Success Leader

Producer of “The Nancy Ferrari Show” heard weekly, nationwide.

Acknowledged as a leading life transition expert, new thought leader and inspirational speaker, Nancy Ferrari is dedicated to helping people connect, evolve and discover their true authenticity and clarity of life purpose.


Corporate Speaking Bio

“Nancy Ferrari–Dedicated To Helping People”

NancyFerrari_At_PodiumAs creator of the Essence of YouTM coaching program and author of Discover the Essence of YouTM, Nancy blends the power of personal development and teaches people how to enhance present moment awareness and live an empowered life.  Nancy has also been featured as a co-author in the best-selling book Selling With Synchronicity, Contagious Optimism and She Shines: A Celebration of Women.

As host of "The Nancy Ferrari Show" on W4CY Radio and K4HD Radio within the Talk 4 Media Network , as well as iHeartRadio, she provides powerful messages to audiences with focus on what's real, relevant and relatable in the world featuring expert guests who make a positive difference. 

As Vice President of the Board of Directors for The Little Light Project, a non-profit organization which provides support for intuitive and sensitive children and their parents, Nancy provides her expertise within live events and telesummits.   She is also passionate about empowering children and teens with skills as they navigate through a high-tech world.  Nancy speaks often on the topics of Information Age Wellness providing information and education about the consequences of cyber bullying and excessive use of digital technology.

Embracing life with passion and purpose, Nancy shares her life experiences in an energetic, vivacious spirit with messages of the importance of healthy living in all aspects as she lives by example and shares her voice freely with empowerment, clarity and honesty and encourages others to do the same.

IMG_9017Nancy celebrates that her college major in communications and journalism has come full circle as she is an author, speaker and as of May 2010, created and hosted 200 shows on her popular BlogTalkRadio Show, “Feel Free in the O.C. with Nancy T.”, also syndicated with Boomer Authority Radio Network. Thereafter, Nancy hosted “The Nancy Ferrari Show” on KNOC 1680 AM Radio from October 2011 – July 2012 and NOW proudly airs her show on W4CY Radio (www.W4CY.com) and K4HD Radio (www.K4HD.com) within Talk 4 Media Network where she shares what’s right in the world and features expert guests who make a difference as they share their spirit of positivity, inspiration and motivation to live your best life! The Nancy Ferrari Show airs live every Monday, 9:00 a.m. PT and Tuesday, 10:00 am PT and thereafter you can find all her shows within The Nancy Ferrari Show playlist on iHeartRadio.Nancy had the honor of broadcasting live as a guest speaker at the 2010 AARP Convention, has enjoyed numerous guest appearances on various radio shows and speaking engagements at live events, and was honored to be the Master of Ceremonies for Wish Upon a Wedding’s Blissful Wishes Ball held in the East Room at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library.Nancy is the CEO of Nancy Ferrari Media and she shares her messages focusing on what’s right in the world with a sense of purpose, in service to others, and paying forward to the community of life within her giving spirit shared through volunteering as Vice President on the Board for The Little Light Project, a nonprofit organization, contributing through writing within numerous publications, as well as featured writer for Applaud Women Magazine and speaking at live events.Nancy’s life is blessed as she celebrates 35 years of marriage with her husband Dominic and enjoys quality time with her 3 children and 2 grandchildren.Nancy has a deep desire to help others discover their true and authentic selves through her coaching programs, including her powerful Vision Board sessions, helping people thrive during transitions in life and inspires all to live in a state of personal empowerment with clarity of purpose. Nancy is the Life Transition Expert within Lessons From Network and her articles can be read at www.LessonsFromLifeTransitions.com


"Nancy Ferrari is a brilliant speaker, life coach, and show host who lights up the world with insight, enthusiasm and genuine guidance.  Her message and her work leads you along a dynamic journey and provides ways to discover your true essence.  The results:  A life filled with passion, purpose and real fulfillment!  Give yourself the gift of Nancy Ferrari and her wisdom-filled teachings today!"
~ Marsh Engle, CEO, Marsh Engle Media, Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Success Coach

“Are you living the life that you thought you would be? If not, then you MUST meet Nancy Ferrari or have her speak at your next event! Nancy is a powerful speaker and teacher who can show you how to live the life of your dreams with ease and grace.”
~ Ursula Mentjes, Founder, Sales Coach Now, Bestselling Author, Selling with Intention and One Great Goal


Imagine that right now you can step beyond old lingering fear and tap into the power of your inner balance ― grounded in your true self ― knowing exactly who you are so that when challenges or obstacles come your way, you can continue to create and design your life exactly as you want it to be!

Package Includes:

  • Interactive Workbook Journal
  • CD Audio includes Experiential Exercises, Guided Inspiration and Insights. It is here that Nancy Ferrari introduces the vital techniques to help you:
  • Develop NEW skills to make better choices and more empowered decisions.
  • Attain a crystal clear vision of your life purpose and ways to find real happiness.
  • Rediscover the path to your heart that will reveal the true essence of you.
  • Gain access to a place of stillness and connect with your authenticity.

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