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The role of the foot in sports. Parenting the child athlete Being active while staying injury free. Drugs & Sports --- A long Tradition The importance of the proper shoes. Women and High Heels And Much More!


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Dr. Robert A. Weil DPM

The Sports Doctor Is In

The Sports Doctor Disseminates information in all areas of Sports Medicine. My emphasis on the role of the foot and the use of orthotics in all aspects of sports performance and injury prevention.

Dr. Robert A. Weil - The Sports Doctor™ is the host of The Sports Doctor, on http://www.healthylife.net/ He was formerly on WDCB 90.9 FM in Chicago for more than 20 years. The Sports Doctor is also read in newspaper columns including The Aurora Beacon News and the Naperville Sun. The Sports Doctor has many celebrity patients like Olympic Gold medal winner Evan Lysacek and many past and present professional athletes. His radio show has featured guests like Shea Vaughn, Dr. Jen Ashton and many more. You van check our the Doc's articles & past shows on our website at: http://sportsdoctorradio.com/



Corporate Speaking Bio

The Sports Doctor is in! Greetings! Let me take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Robert Weil, D.P.M. specializing in podiatric medicine, orthotics and sports medicine. I've written a column for the Naperville Sun and Aurora Beacon since 2007 as "The Sports Doctor". My goal is to provide sports medicine information to athletes, their families, coaches and all readers. Additionally, I host a weekly radio show, "The Sports Doctor" on Healthy Life.net. I address current topics in medicine and sports and often include guest speakers who bring a wealth of knowledge from their various professional backgrounds.

I've worked with prominent local athletes, including reigning Olympic Figure Skating champion Evan Lysacek, four-time IHSA state tennis champ and former UCLA player Liz Lumpkin, and the 2010 girl's state tennis champion Jasmine Minor. Many of the top volleyball players at Sports Performance in Aurora have sought my services as well as top athletes in all sports. Many of my patients are active and recreational athletes like you and me. Foot screenings and an analysis of how an athlete walks and runs, the shape of their legs and the strength and range of motion can be incredibly helpful. I offer free screenings at my office as well as at Edward Health and Fitness Center at Seven Bridges in Woodridge and New Balance Naperville. I will address a variety of issues and topics on this website and I invite you to visit the site again to learn more about the role of the foot in sports, common foot and foot related injuries, and information in all aspects of sports medicine.


weilbookDr. Weil has been a consultant or contributor to many authors. Here are just a few:

  • Anatomy of a figure skating injury -John Harmata
  • So you think you can coach kids - Sharkie Zartman
  • Becoming a True Champion - Kirk Mango