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Leading, Communicating, and Marketing to the Millennial Generation / Change Management / Entrepreneurship / Social Media / Success / Generation Z


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Fee: $5,000 to $10,000 plus expenses
Notes on Fees: BMG Speaker's actual fee falls within the range noted. Speaker fees are subject to change without notice. For an exact quote, please contact Chuck Aurin at 855-352-9347 ext. 208

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Ryan Jenkins

Keynote Speaker & Author

Ryan Jenkins is an internationally recognized next generation keynote speaker and author.

Ryan Jenkins is an internationally recognized Millennial keynote speaker and author. He equips organizations and leaders with the next generation leadership, communication, and branding skills needed to thrive in today’s multi-generational marketplace. Ryan blogs at http://ryan-jenkins.com.



Corporate Speaking Bio

Ryan Jenkins is an internationally recognized Millennial keynote speaker and author. He helps organizations and leaders gain clarity around the Millennial generation so that they can effectively lead, communicate, and brand in tomorrow’s multi-generational marketplace.

Ryan runs a blog and podcast at www.Ryan-Jenkins.com where he inspires audiences with practical next generation leadership, communication, branding, and productivity advice.

Ryan has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Mashable, and Yahoo!. He has shared the stage with fellow thought leaders from iconic brands like MTV, Facebook, and Uber.

When Ryan is not speaking and writing, you can find him sampling craft beers from around the U.S. or religiously cheering on the Denver Broncos with his wife and yellow labrador from their home in Atlanta, GA.


The GenEdge: Leverage Millennials With A Next Generation Mindset.

Positioned for next generation success?

The school of thought that experience is what is needed to lead, create, and connect is permanently expelled. We are on the verge of a historical tipping point. Tomorrow’s culture, workplace, and leadership will change due to Millennials becoming the largest surge of employees and consumers into the marketplace since the Baby Boomers. This eBook will help you gain the relevant perspective to capitalize on this massive shift and leverage the largest generation on the planet to unlock the new economy.

12 Apps & Hacks To Level-Up Your Next Presentation Or Pitch.

Being a paid professional keynote speaker, I typically get two reactions when people ask what I do. The first is shock because people’s #1 fear is public speaking, and they are shocked that someone would willingly speak in public as a career. The second reaction is curiosity followed by the person asking for some quick speaking tips to help them prepare for their upcoming presentation or pitch. This resource is for the curious.